So To Speak

The best, user-friendly AAC application available.

Why So To Speak?

So to Speak is an application to augment the emergence of language or to serve as alternative communication for children and adults who are communicative but nonverbal. The application consists of stock pictures, phrases with capacity to upload photos to individualize, customize to the user’s needs. Once application is purchased, buyer will not be charged monthly or annual fee to renew. Buyer will have lifetime access to the application including updates, revisions.

This application is ideal for families, classroom teacher and clinical Speech Language Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists. The application would be useful for children with various diagnosis including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Apraxia of Speech, Expressive Language Disorder, Developmental Delay, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, among others. This application would be useful in an inpatient rehab setting with post-stroke patient during recovery to communicate basic needs and wants to staff and family.

So to Speak is a speech-generating application with direct selection, single push-button. Synthesized voice-output offers male, female, child voice options. Pitch adjustments and rate of speech options to customize sound to user. Size of icon can be adjusted to smaller size (1/2”x1/2”) or larger size (2×2) for learners or individuals with less precise ability to touch screen. Simple process of adding overlays to allow user the ability to request, comment, label, ask and answer questions, share feelings, emotions, etc. The application offers a text to speech option allowing more advanced users to spell messages with voice output component.

Categories include toys/activities, feelings, food/drinks, social/people, sentence starters, places, and general. There is an “other” category for the user to customize a category based on need. The application is user friendly. Good “over-the-counter” AAC system that is uncomplicated and easy to navigate. Does not require training or great skill for user and facilitator to create overlays.

A UNIQUE feature of So To Speak is the ability to create work/activity schedules to provide organization and predictability to assist with transitions and increase sustained attention to task completion. Schedule can be comprised of 1-5 activities with space for “reward/reinforcement”. Visually displays work to be completed and work left to do. Great for classrooms and clinical settings. Can also be used to assist with home or classroom activities such as with dressing, teeth brushing, toileting, etc.

So to Speak can be used on an iPhone, but is designed for iPad’s running iOS 13 or later. Data can be synced between multiple devices via a cloud user account. Access “Support” to communicate with developer regarding issues, feedback or with questions. Data connection necessary for uploading of individualized photos. After photos stored, application can be used offline.

Created By: WMays Technology LLC, in collaboration with JoEllen Schaefer-Mays, Compass Community Health