Steal Bases

The Ultimate Baseball/Softball Stopwatch

Why StealBases?

The Steal Bases app is the ultimate baseball/softball stopwatch.  
Not only does it allow you to use an accurate stopwatch to time players running, it also stores these times for you!  You no longer need to worry about having a pad of paper and working stopwatch at practice or on the recruiting trail.  You can store separate steal starts, 60-yard dash, home to first, and catcher pop times!
Can we steal in this situation? 
This app will tell you based on the current pitcher and catcher you are facing.  Use Lineup Mode to display green light, yellow light, or red light players determined by real times they have been running throughout the year and the REAL pitcher/catcher working times.
• Easy to hit start/stop button allowing you to look at the field the entire time and NEVER worry about missing a time because you cant feel the button.
• Easily store STEAL START, 60-YARD DASH, HOME to FIRST, and CATCHER POP TIMES. This allows you to keep track of your progress, your team’s progress, or the progress of the players you are recruiting.
• Insert your entire team or insert your top recruits to follow. This app will save them.
• Lineup Mode – Allow your players to know when it is mathematically smart to steal off a pitcher/catcher combination!
• Great for personal use or for the entire team.
Made by The base stealing website that has members from all levels of baseball.  This includes the ACC, AAC, BigTen, A10, Mountain West, MAC, SoCon, Conference USA, Big South, Big East, Horizon, Summit, Missouri Valley, CAA, Sun Belt, Ohio Valley, Southland, and the West Coast Conference. Also including members from NCAA D2, D3, Juco, and hundreds of high school/travel teams around the country.  Check out today and see why!